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Mirror Lake

Location : Orlando
SF : 3500

Full scale renovation

This full scale renovation was special for us because it was the client’s childhood home that she and her husband acquired 20+ years later. Their goal was to transform it from it’s existing dilapidated state, to a stylish and functional home that their young family of 3 could enjoy making new memories in. Goal accomplished!

Full design potential

Clients that are able to have our project team complete the home with furnishings and accessories benefit two fold. First, the full design potential of the home is achieved, and second, the home is move-in ready, alleviating the headache and stress that comes along with the furnishing process.

Spacial design reconfiguration

The interior of this home underwent a spacial design process and was completely reconfigured. We were able to reconstruct a layout that added drastically more usable space and features.

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